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Ceduna Nullarbor Plain

Ceduna Nullarbor Plain


Ceduna is a small town located in the Australian state of South Australia and located on the shores of Murat Bay on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula. Ceduna lies west of the junction of the Flinders and Eyre Highways and is app. 780 kilometres north-west of the capital city Adelaide. Ceduna s in the District Council of Ceduna, the federal Division of Grey, and the state electoral district of Flinders. The name Ceduna comes from a local aboriginal term from the Wirangu people and known as ‘Chedoona’, which is understood to mean a place to sit down and rest. Ceduna has played an important but minor role in Australia’s overall development due to it being a fishing port of some significance. Ceduna has a visitor information centre located at 58 Poynton Street, and offers a great range of brochures and other information.  The Ceduna Visitor Information Centre also offers a range of bookings for local tours. During the whale watching season, Ceduna’s Visitor Information Centre can also provide you with advice regarding the number of Southern Right Whales that can be seen at the head of the Great Australian Bight, and at nearby Fowler’s Bay. Ceduna offers a full range of shopping, banking and business services for visitors. Ceduna, and the nearby town of Thevenard, offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. Between Ceduna and Thevenard there are 5 caravan parks, 4 motels and 2 hotels. Medical facilities are also very good for a small town with doctors being on call to provide medical support to the local Murat Bay Hospital.