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Penong Nullarbor Plain

The town of Penong is a small South Australian settlement on the Nullarbor Plain, and a popular town along the Eyre Highway to stop on your trip across the Nullarbor Plain. Penong is located on the Western edge of South Australia’s grain growing belt, and the town is accessible some 75 kilometres from the township of Ceduna. If coming from the opposite direction, Penong is almost 80 kilometres east of Nundroo Roadhouse. In Penong you will find dozens of windmills that pump water from the Anjutabie Water Basin. The Penong Hotel is on the main Road and has a beer garden and accommodation. There is also a caravan park in Penong that is located app. 1/2 kilometres north of the Eyre Highway on Stiggants Road. The Penong Caravan Park has drive-through sites for larger rigs and on-site vans – cabins are also available for hire and there is free use of laundry facilities plus barbecue facilities. Pets are permitted but must be kept on a leash at all times.

Campsites Near Penong

The following is a list of campsites close to the town of Penong, Eyre Highway Nullarbor Plain.

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