A popular town to experience the beauty of the Great Australian Bight is between the roadhouse/motel at Nullarbor and the tiny settlement of Border Village on the South Australia / Western Australia border. The Old Eyre Highway previously passed between the two places with some six roads leading to the cliffs. The Eyre Highway is now located much closer with 4 main lookouts where it is possible to pull off the road and gaze out at the Great Southern Ocean and at the right time of the year look to spot Whales. A word of warning. Beware the cliffs are high and can be dangerous so please take care. The Bunda Cliffs rise for about 100 metres from the sea which pounds on the rocks below. There are safe viewing platforms.


The small town of Nullarbor is located on the Eyre Highway some 760 km west of Port Augusta and 1070 km north-west from Adelaide in South Australia. If you travel 20 km east of the Nullarbor Roadhouse, you will find what is widely regarded as one of the very best places to see the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight and to look for Southern Right Whales between June and October, where whales come to give birth. The Bunda Cliffs at this location are app. 65 metres above sea level and extend for around100 km to the west. Head Of Bight.

Camping Near Mullarbor

The following campsites and rest areas are located close the town of Nullarbor, Nullarbor Plain.

  1. Nullarbor Westbound Rest Area
  2. Nullarbor Westbound Rest Area
  3. Koonalda Rest Area

Popular Campsites Nullarbor Plain