Cocklebiddy has a roadhouse and is a popular stop on the Nullarbor Plain and that offers accommodation, a caravan park, a restaurant and service station. Cocklebiddy is one of the driest places on the Nullarbor Plain.  Cocklebiddy has huge underground lakes and relies on saline waters and a desalination plant that converts saline waters in water that is drinkable. The main attractions in the area are the Eyre Bird Observatory, which offers regular courses on birdwatching and is run by Birdlife Australia. The Cocklebiddy Caves are considered the longest caves on the planet and are also a very popular tourist attraction. Cocklebiddy is located 1150 km east of Perth and 435 km east of Norseman via the Great Eastern and Eyre Highways. Cocklebiddy is 65 km east of Caiguna, 90 km west of Madura and 1,540 km west of Adelaide. Cocklebiddy is the third stop after Norseman on the trip east across the Nullarbor Plain. The area is noted for its caves and lakes.

Camping Near Cocklebiddy

The following campsites and rest areas are located close the town of Cocklebiddy, Nullarbor Plain.