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Without doubt, the trip across the Nullarbor Plain is one of Australia’s and the world’s best outback road trips and travel experiences. To think that you can drive across the desert, but stop and watch whales calving in the Great Southern Ocean, takes some getting your head around! The Nullarbor Plain is an area of flat, almost treeless, arid (or semi-arid) country located on the Great Australian Bight coast. To the north of the Nullarbor Plain is the Great Victoria Desert. The Nullarbor Plain is the world’s largest single existence of limestone bedrock, and occupies an area of some 200,000 square kilometres. At its widest point, The Nullarbor Plain stretches about 1,100 kilometres from east to west across the border between South Australia and Western Australia. Growing up in Australia, many people have on their list of activities to drive across the Nullarbor Plain which is where we come in! Our website is designed not to show you how to get across in the shortest possible timeframe, that’s boring. But rather, to show you how to have an amazing adventure by taking your time when cross in the Nullarbor to take in as much as this amazing part of Australia has to offer and if possible to camp at as many campsites on the Nullarbor as possible.

Camping Nullarbor Plain

Crossing the Nullarbor, you get to experience the wide open spaces of Australia’s expansive outback. Take your time to enjoy your drive on one of the world’s greatest adventure drives, across the vast, semi-arid Nullarbor Plain. Stretching across the southern edge of Australia between the goldfields of Western Australia and the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. you can cross the Nullarbor Plain from east to west or west to east along the Eyre Highway. And whilst the entire road is sealed, the Nullarbor Plain traverses remote areas and the trip requires thorough preparation and should never be taken lightly. We recommend you carry extra petrol and plenty of water and food and make sure your vehicle is in excellent condition. If you plan to travel off the beaten track, a 4WD vehicle is essential. Nullarbor means “no trees” in Latin but the reality is very different. The Nullarbor is covered with blue bush and mulga scrub, and following heavy rains, you will see large areas of wildflowers. You’ll also see plenty of wildlife, including wild camels, kangaroos and emus meaning you should take great care when driving as there is a real danger of hitting an animal on the road – some of the kangaroos are enormous! If you are also lucky, you will see whales as they migrate along the Bight. Take your time to stop at the many small towns you pass to meet the eccentric Outback characters that call the Nullarbor Plain home. We also recommend you go whale watching (subject to the time of the year) or visit vast cattle stations. You can even play the world’s longest golf course – an amazing 1365 kilometres long course with a hole at each town or roadhouse along the way. Camping Nullarbor Plain

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4WD Nullarbor Plain

If you are a keen four-wheel drive enthusiast, you will enjoy traversing the Nullarbor Plain – especially if you have plenty of time. You can actually cross the Nullarbor Plain by using the OTL Track, which you can follow for a long distance between Esperance and Eucla. On the South Australian part of the Nullarbor Plain, there are a large number of different options for those into 4WD adventures – particularly if you are a surfer or fisherman. Using this route, you will get to experience amazing beaches, that are pristine and for the most part relatively untouched.