Madura is a small roadhouse community located on the Eyre Highway in Western Australia, on the Roe Plains and some 1,250 kilometres  from Perth. Madura is at the foot of the escarpment next to the Madura Pass down from the Nullarbor Plain. Madura is one of the Nullarbor Plains most popular stops. App. 2 kilometres or so west of Madura you will find a scenic lookout situated on the Hampton Tablelands that we recommend you stop at on your journey across the Nullarbor. This lookout is well signposted and located only a short distance north of the Eyre Highway. Madura is located 90 kilometres east of Cocklebiddy and 115 kilometres west of Mundrabilla.

Madura Roadhouse

The Madura Roadhouse is located at the base of the Hampton Tablelands. At the Madura Roadhouse you will find a business with a motel, swimming pool, licensed restaurant, caravan park and camping facilities. Madura Roadhouse also offers takeaway foods and has a well stocked bar selling a wide range of beers and other alcohol. The Madura Roadhouse opening hours are 6:30am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 6:30am to 9pm on Sunday. In addition to petrol, the Madura Roadhouse sells LPG gas and  fuel additives.

Camping Near Madura

The following campsites and rest areas are located close the town of Madura, Nullarbor Plain.

  1. Olwolgin Rest Area
  2. Boolaboola Rest Area
  3. Moonera Tank Rest Area
  4. Carlabeencabba Rockhole Rest Area

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