Mundrabilla is a very sparsely populated area in the far south east of Western Australia and a popular stop when crossing the Nullarbor Plain.  The two significant features are Mundrabilla Roadhouse and Mundrabilla Station, which are approximately 35 kilometres  apart. Mundrabilla has a population of just 25. Mundrabilla Station was the first sheep station in the Nullarbor region and was established by William Stuart McGill and Thomas and William Kennedy in 1872. 

Mundrabilla Roadhouse

The Mundrabilla Roadhouse is located app.  70km from the South Australian / West Australian border. The Mundrabilla Roadhouse is a popular stopover for most travellers in part due to its isolation. Due to its location, during summer, Mundrabilla temperatures are consistently in the 30’s, however the “Nullarbor Doctor” arrives nightly in the form of a cool southerly breeze, ensuring you rest easily throughout the evening. There is nowhere else on earth like Mundrabilla, considered an oasis in the outback where visitors will witness the only renewable energy power station on the Nullarbor and that supplies clean green power all day. You can also play a hole on the world’s longest golf course or just relax and watch the beautiful sunset in the basin of the Nullarbor.

Camping Near Mundrabilla

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